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About The Film

Dr. Robert Pyle (DAVID CROSS) doesn’t like surprises. He’s a professor who writes books about butterflies and moths from the safety of his front porch, content to daydream about mounting an expedition despite gentle prodding from his outgoing wife Thea (DEBRA MESSING) and some not-so-gentle jokes from his fellow academics.

Pyle’s world turns upside-down when Thea suddenly loses her battle against cancer, leaving him adrift and alone. A letter arrives in the mail. It’s a final challenge left by Thea: The Guggenheim Foundation has approved a grant for Pyle to search for new species of butterflies…on a month-long expedition from Washington’s Mt. Rainier all the way to the Columbia Gorge through 150 miles of rugged wilderness.

This quiet, grief-stricken man, who has no business camping in his own backyard, embarks on a daunting adventure, despite warnings from seasoned hikers, the locals, and his own judgment.

Along the way, Pyle discovers much more than butterflies. The trail takes him through ground zero for one of history’s most heated battles between environmentalists and big business. He encounters proponents from both sides, as well as the Forest Service workers and Native Americans who find themselves stuck in-between.

And just when he thinks he’s mastering himself and mother nature, Pyle discovers the biggest surprise of all waiting for him deep in the ancient woods…

Based on the book by one of America’s foremost nature writers, THE DARK DIVIDE is equal parts Jack London, Heart of Darkness, and science fiction. Charming, heartfelt, and surprising, author Robert Pyle’s true-life journey leads him to not only discover his own true nature, but the very human need for wilderness in our lives.